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Important Enterprise Taxonomies used in Cyber Security, Bacterial genomes (AMR) and Machine Learning

Enterprise Taxonomies - Flat, Facet, Hierarchical, Network

What is Enterprise Taxonomies

Enterprise Taxonomies are terms and terminologies used within the enterprise depending on demographics of the organization such as location, the ethnicity of people involved within the company, the clients who they work with, the type of hardware they use such as CISCO, Microsoft, IoT devices, etc.

Organizations would like to follow specific Governance toolkits such as DAMA, TOGAF, etc and they do get integrated within the organizations in terms of what documentary evidence they use for technical purposes or client communication. This could be the organization's intranet site where they store passwords, essential networking software for employees to download, templates for generating reports, connections to your shared drive, and basic steps involved in setting up your PC / Mac.

Taxonomies on Cyber Security

Cyber Security is an essential subject area where people try to learn mostly every day. I have collected these taxonomies from a course I have studied with

Threatausaurus on Cyber Security

Includes descriptions of viruses, trojans, digital signatures, various threats, mitigation techniques such as Honeypots.

Taxonomies on Bacterial genomes

Bioinformatics is an important topic and is relevant to all students pursuing the field for further studies. This comprehensive list of terminologies has been collected from

Glossary on Medical AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance)

Includes descriptions of bacterial genomes involved in fighting and stopping the growth of bacteria.

Taxonomies on Machine Learning for Code Generation

Machine Learning is one of the most popular topics that trend across the internet. In Machine Learning and AI sectors, implementation is dependent on code and repositories. I have collected these web-based links that appeared in Taxonomy of ML papers on Generative Code Taxonomy of ML papers on Representational Code Taxonomy of ML Papers on Pattern Mining

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