Geoengineering process — Volcanoes

Fighting Climate Change by Introducing Geoengineering Scenarios

The topic discusses about geoengineering tasks in sections that are useful to control the earth’s climate

It is with great dedication that the environment is cleaned, recycled, intervened, transformed and reduced by architecting and monitoring the atmosphere of earth. Back in the 1990s, the European Union came up with a plan to introduce carbon tax in countries to regulate pollution from motor-vehicles and industries. During the same time, the European Commission was faced with issues from industry lobbying and the carbon tax reform was cancelled. In Canada, the Supreme Court is deciding carbon pricing and specifically pricing for pollution in the 2020s, the case is still going on.

It has been predicted in a 2007 paper the global mean temperature rise of about 4°C in 2100 by the Royal Society. They accumulated from several sources of written paper to establish this result. The Royal Society has been fighting for climate change from 19th century. According to, Joseph Fourier proposed on a solution to keep the earth warm as well as radiate sunlight to space in order to save Earth from overheating. In this article, CDR and SRM are main strategies for maintaining global rise in temperature.

Some countries enable CDR by enhancing natural sinks in order to ease the effect of rise of global mean temperature. Otherwise, it may affect the existence of a species and cause terrible overhead of management with damage to crops or environment. Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) is an effective method to reduce greenhouse gases emissions to the earth’s atmosphere.

In higher latitude areas, where the incident light intensity is less than the equator, it is easier to maintain warmer winters and colder summers. One of the techniques of using SRM is Stratospheric Aerosol Injections (SAI), which does the job of seasonality changes in the atmosphere. Using injected aerosols in the stratosphere, it is possible to control the light from the sun and add a cap to the light intensity such that it impacts the climate in the long run. It is difficult to control the climate temporarily using SAI and the one that replaces it is MCB (Marine Cloud Brightening). Marine cloud brightening is a technique that aggregates cloud to block the sunlight and maintain the temperature temporarily.

A combination of Carbon Dioxide removal (CDR) and SRM (Solar Radiation Management)

The combination of CDR and SRM is an effective technique to remove green-house gases. Using electric propulsion and drone technology we remove the green-house gases and transform them into usable forms. The cost of implementation of such a technique is high but with drone technology and using methods involving electrical and magnetic fields for electric propulsion the cost is slightly reduced. Most countries are accepting CDR and SRM together as the technique to reduce carbon footprint in the air. Such cocktail programmes are essential for making a movement towards environmental engineering. They are implemented on analysing the sensitivity of the situation because some small change can create a drastic effect.

NASA states that Aerosol spraying of sulphur dioxide cool’s down the earth surface, in a months’ time, sulphur dioxide transforms into sulphuric acid droplets which are not harmful than those created by volcanoes, implying it is safe in terms of human effects. These scenarios were proposed by research on how to mitigate the global rise in mean temperature. We should note that those techniques that are used to mitigate are performed after several years of research. In the field, we use many statistical models that automate the circular environment by detailing the prediction of climate effects for a fixed duration of about 10 to 20 years.

I’ve got a small trick to memorise the processes in terms of three D’s:

Design by Plan,

understanding our interfaces for performing such tasks of clearing green-house gases

Design by Bounded Area

socially getting aware of technologies that are used to implement such measures such as creating artificial forests to spraying aerosols into the stratosphere

Design by Proximity

Please watch this short video narration where I talk about fighting climate change using Geoengineering scenarios. I have included a poster image of the DAMA International to support its use.

Data Standards on Climate change will act as framework for development especially the Climate Change Act 2008 is a relevant legislation followed by governing bodies in the United Kingdom. So why data standards are important? Firstly, they analyse the feasibility of the project and secondly, they devise an architecture to be followed.

There are many data management plans (DMPs) that enterprises can create in order to effectively create a roadmap. Among them are DAMA DMBOK (Data Management Body of Knowledge) constituting of 10 Governance categories:

In order to effectively execute a DMP plan using DAMA, the DMBOK contains activities in design cards that constitutes from: (1) Planning Activities where we Create a Plan and Set the Strategy, (2) Development Activities, (3) Control Activities, and (4) Operational Activities.

Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB)

The technology with SRM balances between stratospheric aerosol injections and marine cloud brightening to maintain the global rise in temperature and prevent the melting of polar ice caps. The recent closure of Ozone layer is a technique which did use a similar CDR and SRM technique to close the ozone layer. The intervention strategy must be well planned and laid out in order for effective control and monitoring.

Greenhouse Gases seen from outer atmosphere

Illegal burning of materials must be avoided in order to reduce the carbon footprint. This research based organisation GeoMIP is The Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project which emphasises about management of geoengineering tasks that constitute SRM or CDR like activities and enhance the methodology for planetary manipulation. We should emphasise the development of programmes such as GeoMIP that enables collaborative development to save our Earth.

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