Early Intervention Mathematical Framework

Early Intervention Mathematical Representation (EIMR)

Early Intervention is a term used in identification, characterisation and propagation of mental health issues that touch on peoples lives. Would a representation help people identify its benefits and side-effects. Side-effects, I mean to say, the advanced use of methods and sophistication used to solve a mental health problem. At times its true that obsessive use of sophistication may lead to harmful and good side-effects.

If such a frame of mind or frame of reference towards policing exists, there exists a health aspect adjacent to the three elements referring to policing in order to balance mental health framework which is a sub-legal framework and other legal frameworks. The influence of mental health is just mediocre in such situations unless some regulatory bodies that enforce law want to misuse the framework to have an extension towards other legal frameworks.

Let’s talk about Neglect, Abuse and Torture Stack. The concept is shown below:

Early Intervention Stack
Early Intervention Stack

Neglect is a situation of being exploited emotionally that surrounds kids from their childhood. As a matter of fact, neglect should be detected at early stage. Signs of neglect is the start of other characteristic bullying that happens at schools. Upon facing neglect do you deal with it legally, health wise or statistically approach the problem by filling up a web-based form?

Abuse is a situation of being vulnerable and caused by external influence. This is quite unknown to people and it happens at ticking time. The thing is time is an entity that is quite unmanageable for an individual. For which I have devised a mathematical representation which changes its state but represents the same curve on taking the nth derivative. Mathematics is really interesting isn’t?

Torture is a situation of maximal exploitation in responsible order, a measure of deviance of chaotic visions and a deliberate degradation of spatial rights. This is the highest order of punishment that is seen at situations such as POW (Prisoner of War) situation. Hope such situations do not happen to the general public.

Let’s get on to the mathematical representation of Early Intervention. Imagine you’ve got some tiers of architectures that designate escalation of issues happening within Early Intervention. Consider each tier of architecture uses stochasticity to define the authentication and authorization process towards escalating issues. Otherwise why would the regulatory bodies that work on enforcing law use stochasticity to define the authentication and authorization process. Is it truly because the route to the continuum is narrow and there are no procedures to satisfy its need or is it because architectures are stochastic in nature and solutions are deterministic in nature? I have considered a function that signifies the early intervention. As a matter of fact, functions are very easy to represent and hack through. Let’s work out what our coefficients should be!

Consider the layers scale from the top most Person Care and Neglect towards the bottom most Torture. At every nth derivative the given equation and its domain scales with the coefficient of `theta`.

Mathematical Representation
Early Intervention Mathematical Framework

At each derivative the function stays the same shape like a dampener fit on a tuning fork.

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