Lua is a scripting language that is fast and has a programming paradigm that is easy to learn.

I was trying to test an email sending process using a new language. I have tried in PHP using sendmail program. Lua works differently and uses OpenResty.

Clone this repository:

Then follow the instructions on the page and change the make test command header.

Comment out — exclude_tags=integration_externaland include — exclude_tags=integration_internal

This will execute the spec file mail_integration_internal_spec.lua

Set up the environment details for SMTP Gmail Account and change the from address.

Your GMail Account

  1. Navigate to your Google Account.
  2. Select Security.
  3. Under “Signing in to Google,” select App Passwords.

GIS Maps, Topology and Elevation included

In the Central Valley of California, the soil subsidence is monitored because a natural recharge occurs in the valley region that makes the soil level subside and deviate from usual level. It has been found that the groundwater footprint constitute 3.5 times the global aquifers’ area. But about 80%…

Piper Plots are used to analyze the concentrations of cations and anions in the groundwater. Isotopic Precipitation is meteoric in nature.


Relation between Isotopic Precipitation and Tropical Storms:

The process of evaporation and condensation is repeated many times due to the water vapor moving inland across continental areas. The data on isotopic abundance on ground water indicate meteoric presence as well as is used to determine the age of the ground water hydrology process.

In Tropical Storms, meteoric elements such as Deuterium…

The best method to obtain a skin colour of a person is to detect the face and then obtain the colour of the segmented locations. One of the examples of an image has been shown below as a bounding box annotation image.

Pitfalls of AI — Banner Image
Pitfalls of AI — Banner Image
Banner vector created by makyzz

5 Case Studies were Asked in a Survey among Peers at an educational programme


Artificial Intelligence has pitfalls related to its ethics and bias, its implementation enterprise-wide, and making people used to its evolution in the market. The Pitfalls happen due to their maturity in any of its stages.

The format shown here below refers to a question and answer session with a question as a descriptive text and a single line question seeking for a term or phrase that the answer refers to.

Case Study 1

IBM’s Watson for Oncology is an AI machine for dealing with cancer treatments…

Racial Bias
Racial Bias

Biases in AI

Reporting Bias

COCO Dataset consists of annotated images with face keypoints and object detection keypoints and also contains an evaluator to perform bounding box measurements.

COCO Dataset can be used to train the dataset for an image segmentation problem into a deep learning model. In Computer Vision, Image Segmentation is a technique that addresses segmentation of pixels of images in either a bounding box format or keypoints format.

Let us consider a scenario where we train the Pascal VOC dataset for bounding box detection and finally mAP calculation for extracting the benchmarking results of the deep learning model. …

Aswin Vijayakumar

Bertelsmann and Intel Scholar, Top 10 Intel/Adlink 2020VisionHack

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