PhaserJS plays like the helicopter game
PhaserJS plays like the helicopter game

PhaserJS Tutorial with Code Examples and Demonstration

PhaserJS is a game engine for the web. It is easy to build games on web and mobile platforms.

Game Initialization

Every PhaserJS Game start has init, preload, create and update methods. The Update method is an event loop that is used to even restart the game initialization. These methods can be appended to the Game or a Scene, which we will later describe in this article.

Game or Scene Restart

In a game it is typical to reset the assets that the game holds. This could be based on an underlying data that the game or scene holds. In a game restart, the preload method…

Best Fit Distribution by AIC

Goodness of fit

When the input is the data, and the data is random, the appropriate distribution is fit with the data such that the cost function is minimized. The distributions from scipyenable us to fit the data to their distribution. This will further help in parameter estimation and an AIC (Akaike Information Criterion) estimation.

I happened to find an excel spreadsheet consisting of a variety of data distributions. The excel spreadsheet has been shared below.

22 spreadsheet to study distributions (

The excel spreadsheets enable you to develop the data distribution. These data distributions are generated from…

GIS Maps, Topology and Elevation included

The topology for ground water seepage or infiltration and maps with conduits or channels are obtained by looking into the Geographical Information Systems maps of catchment landmarks that play a major role in groundwater catchment. Among those some of the most popular are mentioned below.

In the Central Valley of California, the soil subsidence is monitored because a natural recharge occurs in the valley region that makes the soil level subside and deviate from usual level. It has been found that the groundwater footprint constitute 3.5 times the global aquifers’ area. But about 80%…

Piper Plots are used to analyze the concentrations of cations and anions in the groundwater. Isotopic Precipitation is meteoric in nature.


Relation between Isotopic Precipitation and Tropical Storms:

The process of evaporation and condensation is repeated many times due to the water vapor moving inland across continental areas. The data on isotopic abundance on ground water indicate meteoric presence as well as is used to determine the age of the ground water hydrology process.

In Tropical Storms, meteoric elements such as Deuterium…

The best method to obtain a skin colour of a person is to detect the face and then obtain the colour of the segmented locations. One of the examples of an image has been shown below as a bounding box annotation image.

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